Bono, The National and Pharrell Williams pay tribute to a dead cat with new album

The album features 37 artists in total - only ten of who previously knew the cat's owner personally.  

Of all the collaborative albums in existence, this tribute album to an artist's deceased pet has to be a first. The album, Souris Calle, is the project of French artist Sophie Calle whose cat died in 2014. Since then, Calle has created a multitude of artworks based around the grief of losing her beloved pet, though she recently got in touch with musicians to help pay tribute to her feline friend aurally. 

The resulting album, Souris Calle, features tracks from an impressive spread of artists, proving that this cat is having a bigger send off than most people can hope for, with the likes of Bono, The National, Pharrell Williams, Jarvis Cocker, The Strokes' Fabrizio Moretti and Michael Stipe all jumping on board to pay homage to Calle's cat, Souris. 

If you think the concept of Souris Calle is unusual, just wait until you hear the album itself. The tracks range from a spoken word track in the form of a voicemail to the cat by Bono to an electronic instrumental piece by Pharrell Williams. To be honest, it's actually a pretty solid album. Check it out below. 

Check out more of Sophie Calle's artworks here