Bloods : Feelings

With the aptly named Feelings, Bloods use their second full-length to get deep into everything it means to exist in today’s world, and aren’t afraid to do a bit of soul baring in the process. 

With track titles like ‘Broken Heart’ and ‘Bring My Walls Down’, the emotional content of the EP is on show from the outset.

This doesn’t mean the album is a downer, it’s far from it. Despite the sentimental lyrics, it’s all wrapped up in a half hour of high-energy punk-pop with all of the guitar riffs and drum beats you’d come to expect after their debut album Work It Out.

Feeling a bit like an Alex Lahey album with bigger drums, Bloods are certainly making a name for themselves, and Feelings will do their shooting star no harm. Tracks like ‘Talk’ and ‘Step Back’ are legitimate hip-shakers, and give off the vibe that seeing the band live would be a fun night out.

While the album doesn’t break any new ground in the pop-punk genre, it does what it does well and without any hiccups. If you’re in the mood for a rocking good time, it would be hard to skip past Feelings.