Bleach Girls : Hi!


Bleach Girl’s presser declares that the group is a bratty two-piece, imbued with the themes of “garage, lo-fi, indie, punk, pop and surf rock”. Judging by the sheer volume of bands who indulge in these worn motifs the band’s debut EP Hi! will undoubtedly appeal to masses of punksters who are jonesing for a good time in the sun.
What they lack in uniqueness and substance the group make up for in razzamatazz. They hit all the right notes, combining overtly attitude-infused vocal deliveries with brash guitar fuzz; forming a pastiche of primitive lo-fi garage band style.
No Fun opens with a familiar drum rhythm à la Tommy Ramone, Bo Diddley and countless others — no judgement here, as Chuck Berry said, ‘There is nothing new under the sun,’ and as it turns out even the quote was lifted.  The opener sets the tone for the whole release; up tempo beach-soaked party jams for all. Like You is a catchy bubblegum pop track featuring some tasty Wurlitzer-style organ drones.
Hi! is a short, sharp, fast affair with the majority of tracks clocking at just two minutes. It’s a light-hearted romp in the surf from a band that could say more but choose not to.
By George Hyde