The Black Dahlia Murder were consistently masterful when they took over Melbourne’s Corner Hotel

Perth outfit Unravel opened the show, building hype with their brand of raw, hardcore-infused death metal.
Melbourne's own Whoretopsy lapped up the affection from performing on their home turf. Their performance was incredibly tight, with persistent energy and expert engagement from the frontman, Storma. It's not often that the second act manages to get a solid circle pit going, and that should serve as testament to the convincingness of Whoretopsy's performance.
Putrid Pile took to the stage next, one of brutal death metal's more interesting projects. The one-man creation of Shaun LaCanne was armed with a laptop backtrack, a guitar and his voice. He worked to create an uncanny amount of power and brutality despite the minimalism of his stage presence.
The Black Dahlia Murder have a reputation for engaging and energetic shows and they did not disappoint. There were smatterings of humour, attempts at adopting Aussie slang and, most of all, bloody good riff work. With Black Dahlia's extensive touring history, it should not come as a surprise that their performance was tight. However, the energy that they possessed and the atmosphere they created is not something that comes automatically from years of touring, but from a certain panache and suitability to the stage.
Even Black Dahlia's song choice reflected this natural aptitude. They played songs from across their entire discography, moving back and forth between classics from their debut, Unhallowed, to their seventh and most recent release, 2015's Abysmal, and everywhere in between. That they approached each song with the same enthusiasm is truly impressive, and led to the description of their performance as consistently masterful.
Words by Sam Gaffney
Image by Lewis Nixon
Highlight: The night of nostalgia, with The Black Dahlia Murder playing songs from across their entire discography throughout their set.
Lowlight: The Faceless bailing was pretty disappointing.
Crowd favourite: The circle pit forming around the column in the middle of the mosh. It's like The Corner Hotel was designed it for that.