Black Aces : Anywhere But Here

Aussie rockers Black Aces new album Anywhere But Here is sizzling with contagious, fiery energy. 

The album enhances that liberating feeling of not giving a shit about what anybody thinks, because life’s too short so you have to let loose and have fun. It sounds like a rock’n’roll album straight from the classic ‘70s rock era.
Opener ‘Show You How To Rock n’ Roll’ resonates AC/DC’s lively musical style, with searing riffs and drums, and even the rough vocals somewhat resemble Brian Johnson. Title track ‘Anywhere But Here’only heightens that euphoric feeling that so many rock’n’roll fans feel when they listen to their favourite songs and witness their beloved bands live. Black Aces have effectively created their own raw music that is fast-paced and kickstarts the adrenaline levels, sending their listeners into a frenzy. Cut Me Loose’is also a real head banger to blast to, with fast-paced guitars and intense vocals to wreak havoc on listeners’ ears. This entire album is a killer, with closing song ‘We Came for Rock N’ Roll’brilliantly summing up Black Aces’ passion for the classic rock’n’roll sound. 8.5/10