Bigger Than Jesus allowed to play at The Espy after being cancelled

The band said they were allowed to rock out again following public outcry.

Melbourne rock band Bigger Than Jesus are confirmed to play at the iconic Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda following an apparent clash between the band and new staff at the venue.

In the comments of a Facebook post, Bigger Than Jesus said The Espy "wiped the slate clean" following staff changes at the St Kilda venue. When asked for more details by a commenter on Facebook, BTJ said the simple version of the story was that "tempers flared, both sides sticking to their guns and then we got cancelled... there was a public outcry and then peace meetings. The original deal was given back to us and all's well that ends well".

The band's frontrunner, Steve Lucas, said the gig was looking uncertain, but the band and Espy staff sorted out the issues over a number of conversations.

"Earlier last week, this gig was looking tenuous, to say the least but after a couple of long over-due meetings between the Espy and Bigger Than Jesus we realised we all wanted the same thing," Lucas said.

"We unanimously agreed that it is better for the whole of St Kilda's vast musical heritage and culture, as well as all the bands that aspire to play there, that we put all egos aside!"

BTJ's performance at the Espy will celebrating the launch of their vinyl LP One For The Road, in addition to paying homage to their late band member Craig Whitelock, who passed away in September.