Big West Festival to Finish in December

On the eve of its 20th anniversary, Melbourne’s Big West Festival will wind up on December 31. It will first finish off current projects including Mobile Art Spaces and social space theatre HOUSE.

The reasons why it was set up in 1997 no longer apply today, mostly due to the hard work of the festival itself.
Big West was set up to challenge the perception that Melbourne’s West had no creative spark by highlighting its rich and diverse arts, music and cultural scenes, and to also address “issues of geographic, cultural and social isolation of local residents”.
Big West board chairman Kirsty Ellem explained, "The need for our contribution in the contemporary landscape has changed. We are excited that the West is evolving as an engaged, resilient and creative community, blessed with a wide range of organisations that deliver high quality, cutting-edge, multi-cultural and multi-artform programs."
Ellem emphasised that “while we acknowledge that there are current arts funding challenges, this did not determine our decision.
"We would like to thank everyone who has helped shape Big West's long history of supporting innovative and inclusive community-based contemporary arts and we look forward to the next vibrant chapter of arts in Melbourne's West.”

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