Big Smoke : Time Is Golden


Big Smoke’s debut album could only ever be called Time Is Golden. A true testament to vocalist Adrian Slattery’s love of music and creating with his bandmates, the album was recorded throughout his battle with cancer that he sadly lost in May.
Opening track Something Good is a buoyant number with an addictive country flavour and organ style keys, while Best of You stuns with its gigantic chorus, culminating in a grand outro that feels life affirming. When You Dance is an eight-minute epic that dazzles with its harmonies before reaching its crescendo, the song carried out by a saxophone that provides a moment of pure bliss. Closing track Honey I is gloriously triumphant, but knowing the album is at its end is an aching reminder that this will forever remain the only Big Smoke album we’ll get to hear.
Time Is Golden is the product of five people relishing in the art of collaboration, acknowledging that while life can throw you some challenges, there’s still a chance to make something beautiful out of your difficult experiences. Thank you for sharing your phenomenal talent Adrian, may your memory live on through this tremendous album.
By Holly Pereira