Big Scary : Vacation

They've released seven EPs and been a constant fixture in Triple J players since their initial collaboration in 2008, but it's taken almost three years for Big Scary to release their debut album.


Drummer Jo Syme and guitarist Tom Iansek are unusually versatile songwriters, considering their relatively few years in the world. Within 18 months of working together they'd released seven EPs, all considerably different in style and genre. This adaptability is evident in Vacation as the album jumps from slow, poignant and orchestral tracks, to rockier, hard-edged songs and covers more experimental ground as well.


Like many young bands on the cusp of a prosperous career, Big Scary are dealing with adaptation of a new, unfamiliar lifestyle. Leaving behind friends, family, lovers, jobs and their homes, the duo are travelling, recording and living as transient musicians. These themes are strongly developed in Vacation.


Singles Mix Tape and Gladiator are great introductory points but it's the subtlety of tracks like the sing-song Purple, familiar Falling Away and moody Bad Friends. These tracks jump from genre to genre, ensuring an immensely interesting album. In the highlight Falling Away, simple yet evocative piano is driven by steady percussion, all of which is accentuated by dreamy vocals.


Big Scary have been an emerging band to watch for some time, but with the release of Vacations, they'll surely be gracing festival bills for many summers to come.



Best track: Mix Tape, Falling Away


Sounds like: Band Of Horses, Black Cab


In a word: Long-awaited

Big Scary's Vacation  Is Out Now Via Pieater