Bibio : Phantom Brickworks

Bibio is a master when it comes to producing ambient electronic soundscapes. 

Over the course of seven albums, the British-based producer has allowed listeners across the world to float away into a peaceful psyche. Phantom Brickworks follows on from where 2016’s A Mineral Love finished up. Across nine tracks – with an average running time of eight and a half minutes apiece – this album is the perfect relaxation tool or sleep remedy for those nights of endless tossing and turning.
Sounding cinematic with lots of reverb and post-production on the instrumentation at play, Phantom Brickworks might not be to everyone’s taste. However, if you want to escape to an early summer, holidaying in the Bahamas while you’re actually slaving away through the 9-5 grind, this album is worth checking out. 
With spooky-tinged piano trills and the atmospheric hum of the ocean, it’s easy to lose yourself in the majestic, simplistic arrangement Bibio has created. Throughout the lengthy instrumental pieces, the subject of time and place is a continually featured subject. If easy-listening electronica is your bread and butter, you’ll surely lap this up. Glamorous soundscapes and a beautiful listen – that’s all you need for the greatest escape.