Beyerdynamic Headphones

Beyerdynamic encourages you to come along to the International HiFi Show, Melbourne, From Friday July 1 – Sunday July 3 and bring your own music collection. Over the course of the show Beyerdynamic will be exhibiting and displaying a wide range of their consumer headphones, along with both of their acclaimed headphone amplifiers.

Their stand will include a range of headphones, such as the cool and funky Custom Street headphones, highly acclaimed T 51 p on ear headphones and many more. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Beyerdynamic stand is the layout. At your leisure you can audition the headphones on display via the A2 and A20 flagship amplifier. But at the same time the stand has a layout specifically designed for show visitors to audition the headphones on display at each listening station with their personal media players, smartphones or tablets via a simple plug’n’play feature.
Typically, when you audition a new audio product it’s with some pre-selected music or a playlist. That’s fantastic if we all listen to the same CD, DVD or playlist as what is being used to demonstrate the system, or for that matter if we intend to use the product we’re auditioning through the same highly expensive demonstration system.
Of course, it’s important to experience the best possible audio reproduction on any product you’re auditioning, but you should have the opportunity to audition the product with your own favourite music, be it ABBA, Adele, UB40 or U2. And even better if you can audition the product through your own smartphone or tablet.
At the International HiFi Show, Melbourne, Beyerdynamic encourages you to visit their stand with your own device loaded with your favourite music and take the time to audition their wide range of consumer headphones. In short, they want you to take the driver’s seat during the auditioning process.
You want the best audio experience possible? For over 90 years Beyerdynamic engineers have been driven by that exact ambition.

Visit Beyerdynamic at the 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show, Stands C1-C3. The International HiFi Show goes down at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park from Friday July 1 – Sunday July.