The best (and worst) new singles you need to check out

Featuring Evelyn Ida Morris, Sarah Mary Chadwick, and more.

A note from our reviewer: They call it 30 For 30 because once you hit 30 its impossible to not have a dinner party conversation about your favourite 30 For 30 instalments.


Single Of The Week

Evelyn Ida Morris : The Body Appears

An ornate wonder, ‘The Body Appears’ delicately meditates on physicality and philosophy over a serene piano movement. For their upcoming self-titled solo album, Evelyn Ida Morris shifts a world away from the psych-inflected pop of their primary musical outlet Pikelet, stripped back, striking moments of sheer uplift – a palette laid bare with elegance, concocting a beauty, and deft emotion, present in the finest cinematic scores. A disarming mastery at play.


Sarah Mary Chadwick : Sugar Still Melts In The Rain

A slow-burn ballad underpinned by a low-key, joyous resignation, ‘Sugar Still Melts In The Rain’ wields its title as a punchline to the gut in the chorus. Pop ballad convention is relished effectively, even firing out a few distant high register “wooo”s as interabangs in the background. Wry tenderness, but mostly tenderness.


Zhu X Tame Impala : My Life

Look just for a minute, imagine that this song was called ‘My Wife’, and instead of it being a thrill-devoid snooze-fest, it has Kevin Parker busting out his best Borat impression on the hook after sucking down a few nangs. Very nice.


Jon Hopkins : Emerald Rush

The magic mined here is an ability to goad an endorphin rush usually only generated by cheap builds and drops, without actually resorting to cheap builds and drops. Jon Hopkins’ return is an act of alchemy, a disjointed arrangement compounding its power generating capabilities. The Hopkins household does not obey the laws of thermodynamics.