The best (and worst) new singles this week: Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Primo, more

New tracks from Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Primo, and more

Single of the week:

Jaakko Eino Kalevi : Emotions in Motion 

Psychedelic-pop music from Finland that sounds like Bowie by way of Matthew Dear. ‘Emotions in Motion’ bubbles with strange details while Kalevi loads on the hooks. The Finnish producer builds steady momentum, generating a feel-good atmosphere without forgoing any of his offbeat charm. At no point do things get overdone and more nuances will surely be unwrapped with repeated listens.

Primo! : Mirage 

Who needs gloss when messy distortion is such an effective communication device? Primo’s Amici LP wields a noisy tangle of guitars that belies the band’s wit and musicality. ‘Mirage’ is representative of the Melbourne outfit’s ethos: get straight to the heart of the idea, sow a sense of mystery and then cut it off before any heat fritters away. It’s a hackneyed thing to say, but it’s one of those recordings that makes it feel like you’re witnessing a band arrive upon a fit of inspiration.

Marie Davidson : So Right

‘So Right’ is centred on a repetitive club beat, but its reach extends beyond inducing dancefloor abandon. Akin to the likes of Jenny Hval, Davidson matches suggestive physicality with an abstract, reflective quality, employing spoken word and continual dynamic variation. The song’s central undulating groove buttresses quiet sensuality, open-armed liberation and flashes of uncertainty. After five minutes, ‘So Right’ has become interwoven with your pulse and it seems a shame it has to end.

Rina Sawayama : Cherry

Due to their comforting familiarity, upbeat pop songs can almost go unnoticed. The melodic lines are so immediately apparent that, by default, you make no attempt to inquire any further into what the song has to offer. And in the case of songs like Sawayama’s ‘Cherry’, this is a waste. The UK artist is on target to become one of pop’s big future stars and if the outgoing melodic richness of ‘Cherry’ is anything to go by, hers is a name we’ll be hearing for a long time to come.