The best (and worst) new singles this week: Cara Sebastian, The Murlocs and more

Weyes Blood and new Bedroom Suck Records project Gordon Koang also feature.

Single of the Week

Cara Sebastian

Hot Flower (Independent)

‘Hot Flower’ is like a daydream only it seems so close and delicate, a sequence of images rather than fragments. Cara Sebastian’s debut single is made up of guitar and voice, but primarily it’s a work of feeling and intimation. It’s not background music either, not something to stick on while you read the newspaper. Turn off the lights, turn up the sound and there you’ll find a work of disarming complexity. The striking beauty is yours to savour, but then it’s not really yours at all.  

The Murlocs

Comfort Zone (Flightless/Inertia)

Never describe wine as smooth. Smooth denotes plainness and it’s insulting to the vintner. But most of us don’t want drinking wine to be a strenuous exercise. Comfort. That’s what we’re after. Tangentially, this is what The Murlocs are alluding to in their new Americana-tinged exhalation. Philosophically, we’re all interested in pushing through resistance and standing up for those worse off than us. But dangle a steady income, air con and a Netflix password in front of us? Regretfully, we give in. The song’s airy country twang and wistful tone would’ve neatly complemented Netflix’s Wild Wild Country documentary.   

Gordon Koang

Mal Mi Goa (Bedroom Suck Records)

The first release out of Bedroom Suck’s Music in Exile initiative comes from South Sudanese migrant Gordon Koang. Koang’s a guru on the thom, a custom built string instrument that’s closest equivalent is the banjo. ‘Mal Mi Goa’ is a lively showcase of Koang’s unconstrained playing style, which wraps around an affable bass line. It’s a sound capable of bringing generations together, relinquishing the veneer of impassivity to engage under the banner of hope. 

Weyes Blood

Andromeda (Sub Pop Records)

Just bloody beautiful. Sweeping, majestic and pretty similar to everything on Weyes Blood’s last album. But I’ll happily take 12 more of the same, thanks.