Benjamin Trillado

Five tips for making a video

Prepare if you care. You’ve recorded a really great take and now you listen back in horror to find your sound was distorted and your hair was a mess. To avoid this stressful scenario, always do a test take to check if all your sound levels are correct, and you're looking extra fly on camera. 
Two is better than one. Never settle on one take, because chances are you'll probably like the next few. Almost always film at least two takes because having options is great. 
Don't be creepy. Try not to look directly into the camera lens. I know you want your audience to feel connected to you, but looking directly into the camera might make them feel a bit uneasy. Try looking just above the lens or into the distance like you're conjuring up some very deep musical thoughts. 
You don't need superhuman abilities. If you've got a computer, a decent internet connection, and a camera, then you can make videos. If you do some research, there are many free and affordable video/audio editing programs and a myriad of tutorials. 
The best isn't everything. If the only programs you have are Imovie and Garageband or Windows Movie Maker and Audacity, that’s completely fine. You can have the best or most expensive equipment and software in the world, but a video without substance is a forgettable one. At the end of the day it’s the content that matters.

Benjamin Trillado will be part of Real Songwriters of Melbourne Showcase at Workers Club on Sunday March 19.