Bendigo Hotel Set Alight By Alleged Arsonists

Last night it is alleged that three arsonists lit an unruly fire in the bathrooms of Collingwood's Bendigo Hotel.

This afternoon the venue's managers took to social media to vent their distress.
"The two dudes and girl pictured lit a full on fire in our venue toilets last night that could have killed all of the staff, patrons, backpackers upstairs and burnt the bar to the ground had our owner not walked past just in time to grab the extinguisher and put it out before the roof caught," they stated. 
"If anyone knows them, please pass on the message that they are welcome re: us not calling the police and to kindly never show their smug faces near the Bendigo again. Also probably don’t let them into your venues if you don’t want them blown up."

Visit the Bendigo Hotel Facebook for more information.