The Belligerents : Science Fiction


The debut album for The Belligerents is a triumphant re-realisation of the expansive synth-driven power-psych that developed in the ‘70s. While hinting at a staunch respect for the ‘70s pysch movement, The Belligerents have created a gold standard snapshot of a post-Tame Impala/King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Australian rock scene.
Over the first 30 seconds of opener Sorry To Say, guitarist James Griffin and bassist Konstantin Kersting lead the listener around the virtual river bend from feel good Americana to mind expanding psych, while keyboardist Andy Balzat paints the song’s landscape the resplendent shade of blue lotus. Lead singer Lewis Stephenson’s voice is an inviting yet twisted twang that warps into a spine-tingling falsetto, colliding with the synths to discombobulate the mind in the most beautiful way.
Despite being lazily filed under indie/dance, The Belligerents are definitely a psych-rock band. Through rhythm, melody and one of the best rock drummers in this country, they create an irritable urge to move. Less & Less literally breaks down The Belligerents tacit request to join them on the dancefloor, organically gathering momentum as it goes.  
Get access to this album right now and strap yourself in for 42 minutes of wholly joyful music. Fucking incredible.