Bee Bee Sea : Sonic Boomerang

Add one measure of surf rock – vintage ’63 – two drops of garage punk, a dash of B-52s-style madcap hi-jinks and shake violently. You now have one Sonic Boomerang.

A substantial improvement on Bee Bee Sea’s blurry 2015 debut, Sonic Boomerang mixes shouty, Ramonesian vocals with dynamic drum work and guitar riffs that shimmer like the water off Bells Beach. It’s just the right soundtrack for cruising along the Great Ocean Road in a campervan. Bee Bee Sea sound so at home in Oz, it’s easy to forget they’re actually from Castel Goffredo, a socks-manufacturing town in Italy.
The lyrical zenith of Sonic Boomerang is undoubtedly ‘This Dog Is The King Of Losers’, which asks, “Who is the doggy? Who is the doggy? / Now-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow!” A question to ponder late at night.
Other high points include ‘DI Why Why Why’, which starts in the garage with invitingly simple harmonies and breaks into a twangy guitar solo that washes over you like warm brine. The all-psychedelic closing track, ‘I Shouted II’, is so relaxing it probably shouldn’t be taken with alcohol.
The Bee Bee Sea isn’t the deepest on Earth, but you won’t regret taking a dip.