Beat's Singles of the Year

"I'd like to call Bob Murphy to the stand, you deserve Single Of The Year more than anyone mate."
- Lachlan Kanoniuk

Single Of The Year

Spike Fuck : Guts

Can’t think of a way to say it without coming across as hyperbolic, so I’ll just come across as hyperbolic. I listen to Guts and I think of the songs venerated in the Australian songwriting canon. Wide Open Road. Shivers. Under The Milky Way. Guts is up there, for me. No matter how many times you lose yourself in it, the emotion lands a devastating, and rewarding, punch to the sternum. 


The Drones : To Think That I Once Loved You

Gaz is ruthless. Absolutely ruthless, meticulously ripping your heart out as rapture sets in. It's assuring: The Drones are still painting masterpieces. 


 A.B Original feat. Dan Sultan : January 26

Briggs, Trials and Dan go to town on a G-funk banger, a celebration of classic West Coast hip hop married with protest to Australia's fucked-ness. It goes hard, as great hip hop does. This is great hip hop. 


Sarah Mary Chadwick : Makin’ It Work

Sarah Mary Chadwick doesn't do triumphant choruses, which makes Makin' It Work's triumphant chorus that much more potent. Less like fireworks, more like a meteor storm. 


Solange : Cranes In The Sky

This year doesn't deserve a song so perfect. Imbued with an otherworldly class lyrics raw, yet it all sounds like heaven. Close your eyes and you're there.