Beat's Guide to the best punk rock songs about food

While the relationship between food and punk rock music may not be celebrated and recognised to any large degree, the human element of dealing with the feelings of hunger and pleasure often shine through.

With punk rock largely sticking to basic primal feelings and emotions, it’s no surprise that good food is a hot commodity, particularly amongst bands spending months on the road living in a van and eating from truck stops. Especially in my experience in touring bands, it can definitely be a challenge to find not only adequate sustenance but to find delicious soul-warming snacks to brighten up the mood on what can sometimes be a gruelling slog.

Descendents - ‘I Like Food’

With multiple songs including references to the joys of junk food, pop-punk icons Descendents summed it up on their Fat EP with the repeated refrain of “I like food, food tastes good”. One of the first bands associated with the American hardcore scene to bring a sense of humour and fun into their lyrics, bringing the subject matter down from the clichéd socio-political ramblings to basic human desires ended up being far more relatable and enjoyable.

Dead Kennedys - ‘Soup Is Good Food’

Although they have a large amount of humour in their music like Descendents, Dead Kennedys’ political awareness and scathing social critiques couldn’t be further away. Lamenting the rise of machine automation and the mass lay-offs of factory workers increasing at an alarming rate, eventually resulting in homelessness, starvation and suicide, Jello Biafra offers the consolation that hey, even if you’re eating from a soup kitchen, soup can be pretty good.

Hard-Ons - ‘Wog Food’

With the multicultural background of Sydney punk legends Hard-Ons, it was only inevitable that the emergence of new food styles and flavours hitting white suburban Australia would impact the band’s lyrics and experiences, particularly in the culinarily unadventurous Australian 1980s. A break-up song about an ex-lovers disdain for “wog food”, the short and simple song from their album Hot For Your Love, Baby, speaks volumes about the importance and cultural value of food, whether it’s affecting personal relationships or inspiring punk rock songs.

ALL - ‘Alfredo's’

A banger of a track by Descendents spin-off ALL, ‘Alfredo’s’ is probably the only punk rock song I’ve heard that’s completely dedicated to a single restaurant. Praising their local cheap Mexican joint, cockroaches and all, the earnest praise of rice, beans and beef tacos can put a smile on anyone’s dial. 1733 Pacific Coast Highway, in Lomita, California 534-9924 - give ‘em a call.