Beat Eats

With Georgia Spanos

If there’s one joy to celebrate this Australia Day, it’s our wonderful city full of diverse flavours and cultures. That's why the well acclaimed Mexican restaurant Mamasita, who kicked an Australian wide Mexican craze, has opened a pop up tent at the Australian Open. It is here that they reveal their first Nachos dish with, wait for it, liquid cheese. They’ll also be serving refreshing summer ceviche and their classic street-style corn which has lived on the menu for years. Mamasita arrived in beautiful fashion for the Open this year in their very festive and very Mexican purple and pink tent – you can't miss them.
Charcoal Lane in Fitzroy reminds the Melbourne hospitality scene of its roots with native Australian flavours, cultures and hospitality. Moreton Bay bugs, crusted wallaby and roasted emu are just a few of the dishes served using flavours yet to touch the tongues of many Australians. Flavours set aside, the experience of eating at Charcoal Lane is the most joyful of all as the restaurant is a Mission Australia social enterprise. Because of this, the restaurant is able to provide guidance and opportunities to young people in their kitchen – many of whom are Indigenous, and in need of a fresh start in life. Charcoal Lane is closed on Australia Day, yet open for Australia Day eve for a grounding and humble experience.
Emu fillets and liquid cheese nachos later and I'm sure you're sugar cravings are needing some attention, right? Would a Vegemite desert designed by Diner's head Chef Heston Blumenthal do the trick? Five months in the making and countless designs later, Heston Blumenthal has somehow transformed the very salty Vegemite condiment we all strictly keep in the breakfast department, into a deliciously different desert. Admittedly, Heston expressed that the creation was frustrating and undeniably challenging to create. However as Diner's Group Executive Chef Ashley Palmer-Watts proclaims “It's Vegemite in Australia, we have to get this right." The desert will be unveiled in Melbourne on Thursday January 26.