Beat Eats

With Georgia Spanos

So we're all back at work, right? And lunch options are now more exciting than ever. Well we've found a spot which we promise is just what your mundane work day is missing. Big Dog's Deli, located on the traditionally burger prominent strip of Swan Street offers American influenced sandwiches filled with the smokiest, cheesiest and quite honestly sexiest flavours the 3121 has ever seen. Enjoy these babies in the Big Dog's very peaceful courtyard. You might even want to bring one or three of their bottled cocktails back to your desk to really finish the day in style.
I'm fairly confident we all have this dream in common, or we've all at-least had the same 'what if' convo with our mates while licking the dripping Golden Gaytime off our fingers at the beach. “What if it was covered in popping candy... crushed pretzels...or completely covered in edible glitter?!” Beat readers, it's happening. This is not a drill. Take five from the office and head down to the Golden Gaytime Crumb Shed at Topshop/Topman Emporium on Friday January 20. It's playtime with Gaytime.
It's 6pm, your work day is over and all you want is a stiff drink – or particularly fancy cocktail. Only problem is you're a hard working individual who has probably missed happy hour. You're also not completely loaded. Not to worry, the Beaufort and Ikes understands you. From Monday to Friday The Beaufort has cleverly created two happy hours from 4-6pm and then again from 10pm-12am accommodating $9 knock-off Negroni's for all. Their mouth dribbling American BBQ-influenced menu (garlic honey and spiced lamb neck to tease) and relaxed dimmed lighting, all together with your $9 Negroni is an affordable weeknight for the King/Queen that you are.