Beat Eats

By Georgia Spanos

A whole Korean fried chicken? Half a Korean fried chicken? Three Korean Fried Chickens? The choice is yours down at the National Hotel in Richmond, when every Tuesday night is Korean chicken night. And to make your Tuesday night even more exciting, the finger licking chicken comes with bao and your choice of sides like pickled eggplant, kim chi and pickled daikon. But that's just a tease of their Asian inspired menu that they serve up in their strikingly sleek venue. Need another reason to head to the National Hotel? Their Cards Against Humanity night has all the ingredients for an inappropriately humourous evening. This pub certainly proves to be an enticing venue with lots of interesting things to offer. 
Neat, sweet and a stylish treat is how I would describe Uncle, the Vietnamese-souled restaurant with suspected French and Chinese undertones. Their flavour is best grasped by reading their dishes, like sher wagu skirt with sea urchin and squid ink butter and pickled radicchio or chicken liver pate, picked shitake, cornichon and rice crackers. No matter what element Uncle throws into the mix, they make it work in their own impressive way. Food aside, their venue is very cool with innovative design aspects right through to the totally unexpected, like table tiles, chair legs and cup coasters. For an inspiring evening with lots of beauty to take away, please do dine at Uncle. Uncle's first restaurant lives in St Kilda, but they have a new brother store which has just joined the Collins Street family.
Why should pizza always be round? And why should they always be the same size? Well, in-fact, in Rome, pizza al-taglio (literally translating to Pizza by the cut) is an old aged tradition popular to most. Pizza al-taglio allows you to specify just how much pizza you think you can eat, and pay by the weight. And none of this 'no half flavours' business, you can have a slice of 20 different varieties if you desire. Now, Melbourne has their very own pizza al-taglio restaurant in Northcote. LieVita reveal flavours I promise you've never experienced. Marinara, mortadella, or zucchini with chilli jam to name a few. This restaurant is one of my best kept secrets. It’s where I go for a traditional, authentic experience, and enjoy a glass of wine while watching the warm wanderers of Northcote pass me by. Plus, Luca the hardworking owner is always working and it's a pleasure to watch him do what he loves.