Baroness left fans with the warm-and-fuzzies after they stormed through Prince Bandroom

The evening kicked off with Child, whose heavy psych blues got plenty of fervent heads a-nodding, if not completely banging. Their set was only three songs long, but each was filled with so many progressions and soulful vocals that the cheers that followed were well deserved and clearly sincere. Singer/guitarist Mathias climbed into a passionate jammin’ groove which he refused to climb out of.
Batpiss hit the ground running with a cracker of an intro and backed it up with a solid set, complete with guttural screams, frenzied guitars, unyielding drums and serious bass lines. The crowed grew and the atmosphere became more and more charged. The sludge punk trio ensure the room was nice and warm.
Baroness took to the stage with frontman John Baizley vibrating with an energy that his skin fought hard to contain. Baizley, the band’s only original member, was accompanied by second longest serving (and picture perfect rock god) Peter Adams who may or may not require a smoke machine and fan in every moment of his day-to-day life. Last and certainly not least ‘70s mo-toting bass and keys player Nick Jost and drummer Sebastian Thompson. These guys may have been the newest recruits since the change of format, following the bands horrific tour bus accident in 2012, but the four of them were tight.
Looking out into the surging crowd of adoring fans with fists in the air they hit again and again with some big crowd pleasers like Shock Me, which just earned them a 2017 Grammy nomination only the day before. Their vigour didn’t let up. The only thing that seemed slightly peculiar was the encore chant once the guys had thanked the crowd profusely and left the stage.
No one could accuse this crowd of gluttony. Baroness enthusiastically returned to the stage and graciously delivered two more tracks with Take My Bones Away receiving some serious love. Baroness then bid the full room of gratified fans adieu and punters were left with the warm-and-fuzzies. T’was a great evening had by all.
Words by Asha Collins
Image by Shaina Glenn
Highlight: Adams’ hair/fan/smoke machine combo (majestic).
Lowlight: The post that keeps the roof up but obscures the view.