Backstreet Boys tease upcoming album with new single, 'Chances'

Backstreet's Back, alright.

After six years, 90s dreamboats the Backstreet Boys have announced they will be releasing their tenth studio album, DNA, in January next year. Will it have the same magic as the classics we know and love?

BSB have given fans a teaser of what's to come with the single 'Chances'. In the track, the boys question the odds of meeting that special someone just by living your life. BSB have clearly updated their sound in comparison to their 90s hits, opting for a contemporary pop sound with a stripped back guitar intro.

In addition to dropping the single, BSB shared they would be travelling on their largest global tour in 18 years. It seems they might have missed an important stop on the way, because Australia doesn't seem to be on the itinerary.

Backstreet Boy's tenth studio album, DNA, will be unveiling Tuesday January 29, 2019.