Baby Blue : In My Mind


From the first note of their debut EP In My Mind, Melbourne’sBaby Blue spark your curiosity and keep it. A breath of fresh air in a musical climate that can often get singular and stale, the band have been a constant fixture in the local music scene, delighting with their catchy surf rock hooks and endearing lyrics.
Opening track New Girlfriend is immediate and punchy, steered by some impressive guitar work that unfolds in an array of different sounds and textures. Lead singer and primary songwriter Rhea Caldwell’s vocals are undeniably sweet, but there’s plenty of gusto in them too, particularly so when she elongates her words.
Save Yourself is a blues-tinged number that manages to be remarkably motivating, especially so when Caldwell is joined by rousing backing vocals that make the song all the more emphatic.  
Concentrate stands out with its expansive instrumentation and Caldwell notably more somber. However as the song progresses, she becomes alleviated by her band’s instrumental backing. Soccer Ball’s timing keeps the listener pegged, with pauses in progression used for dramatic effect.
Closer Bit Slow is a playful ode to casual relationships that has Caldwell laying her sentiments bare during the sparkling bridge. Relatable, charming and effortlessly accomplished, Baby Blue appear to have crafted the perfect formula for this outstanding EP.
By Holly Pereira