Baby Blue : Do What You Like EP

As Melbourne settles into a cold, wet winter, Baby Blue has released a sparkling EP that will warm you up. 

Or, make you want to go to The Tote. In fact, the film clip for the opening track, ‘I Like You’, has singer/songwriter Rhea Caldwell dancing casually around The Tote’s pool table.
It’s hard to pigeonhole Baby Blue’s sound. There are strong elements of ‘60s surf rock infused with garage pop, jangly indie-guitar, swirly psychedelia and dirty blues. In the space of five tracks, the EP moves from upbeat to angry to hypnotic.
Caldwell’s lyrics are blunt. “Why do I have to apologise for being so intense? / I like you,” she sings openly. The songs are about relationships, sex and trust: “You’ve got a dirty mind / but I don’t mind / it’s just like mine”. ‘Big Picture’ is a self-help song that reminds listeners to “just slow down and focus on the things that make you feel good” – perfect for when those winter blues set in.
This is a great sounding record. Well recorded and produced, while loose in all the right ways.