Australia's biggest record collection spanning 80,000 rarities is up for grabs

The collection was left behind by a Goldcoast grandfather and music lover.  

What is believed to be Australia's largest record collection -- spanning over 80,000 records across multiple genres -- is up for grabs after a Goldcoast grandfather left his life's work behind to his children. 

The collection was built across 50 years and has been kept in meticulously good condition. Featuring rare records across jazz, rock, blues, country, surf and more, the collection also houses some of the most sought-after Johnny Cash and Elvis LPs that were ever cut to wax. 

Modern antiques expert Dr Daryl Sparkes was called to appraise the collection. 

"I don't think you'll ever see another collection like this in your entire life," Dr Sparkes told the ABC

While Sparkes suggests that the collection would fare best sold if split up, the records' inheritors want to preserve it as is. 

"Someone at a governmental level needs to take control of this collection as it is a national treasure," said Natalie Perkins, who has been tasked with caring for the rare vinyl after her father Ken Perkins passed away. 

"We believe it does have cultural significance and historical significance, so we would love to see it move onto someone else — the right person."

In the meantime, Perkins has set up an Instagram account to document some of the rarest cuts from the vinyl treasure trove including original copies from Elvis, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Bill Haley and more.