Atlanta Coogan - The Amy Winehouse Show

Atlanta, you must be a pretty big Amy Winehouse fan. When did you first decide to emulate the artist’s iconic work? I remember the night she died very clearly. I was on tour and heavily pregnant with my first child, and I’d got home from the hospital after a small scare. 3am, I was eating kebabs with my ex-partner, and there it was, she’d died. I was gutted. We were quite amazed at how many people honour and respect her, and want to remember her with dignity.
Do you have some personal favourite from Winehouse’s discography, either those you sing yourself or just like listening to? From Valerie to Rehab to Tears Dry On Their Own. She has such a wonderful catalogue of music even though she only has two albums. Take the Box is my favourite.
Why do you think Winehouse had such a huge influence, and what was special about her in your opinion? Her art was so strong, and she was such a true jazz performer and songwriter, the link is generations long. Everyone from a Baby Boomer crooner to a Gen Y, all recognise her incredible talent, her street-wise apathy, and her incredible depth as a singer and an artist. It was such a tragic demise. A lot of people relate to her. It’s a sadness but it’s also a true, godsent talent.
Finally Atlanta, what’s the best part of performing The Amy Winehouse Show and what can attendees expect to experience? I put on her iconic look and try to feel the way the song goes through the way she sings them. She’s such a strong character, how could you not want to pay tribute as correctly and truly as possible?

Atlanta Coogan will perform The Amy Winehouse Show at Flying Saucer Club on Friday March 10.