What were the biggest joys and challenges in making your second self-recorded EP, Psalms? The biggest joy was how each song transformed once recorded. As we’re only a three piece, the addition of guitar and keyboard layers in the recordings changed the whole feel of the tracks. Our first EP Swimmer has far less additional sounds in the recordings – it sounds as it would live, which was also the beauty of it.
You're a part of Sports Day Records, an independent label currently based in Austin. What has that connection meant for your band? Sports Day Records is basically one guy who we're really good friends with. He helps us out immensely with releasing our music, and gains us a lot of exposure, mainly from people in the states or the UK who we wouldn’t have otherwise ever have had access to. It's meant that a broader scope of people have found our music.
What has it been like in the past performing as a three-piece? Performing has always been very special for us, it's a big emotional release where we feel very grateful that we can do this thing that we love so much. Being a three-piece does have its limits in that our sound isn't as full and lush as it could be, so having someone play keyboard for us from here on out will definitely enhance the complexity of our live sound, and will do justice to the songs.

Arbes will play the Workers Club on Thursday December 22 with The Sleepy Dreamers and The Adelaide Crows.