How would people describe your sound? We make left-field pop and dance music. We live at the intersection of electronic, experimental and pop genres.
What is your favourite live performance memory? Recently we saw Deathgrips in Melbourne which was insane. It was beautiful to see such a wide demographic of people from different subcultures get together and go crazy. They are a one of a kind group who push boundaries and have grown a fan base around this. Seeing shows like this inspires us to keep making music
What is your favourite fashion trend and why? Oversized everything. We are influenced a lot by people we see on Instagram and on the street. We feel like at the moment anything goes as long as you commit and are confident in the look.
 How can music inspire fashion, and vice versa? It’s inseparable. Most music genre subcultures have a fashion identity whether it’s metal, punk, trance, folk, etc. Also now social media is a big part of the music industry the types of fashion you wear are a way to expand your own visual identity.
How have you developed an aesthetic for your music? We experiment a lot with different genres, instruments and recording techniques. This is the process that gets us excited to make music. Our fashion and aesthetic is an extension of this. It’s not something we workshop but is more of a natural progression of wearing what we're into.

Alta will perform as part of NGV Friday Nights on Friday October 6.