Ali Barter graced her Melbourne stage looking and sounding like a literal angel

It was a welcome return to the stage from the admired songwriter.

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Dylan Martin

In celebration of her new single, ‘Ur A Piece Of Shit’, grunge pop queen, Ali Barter graced Melbourne’s Howler, playing her first headline show for a while. Although she’s been busy touring as support for the likes of The Preatures, it has also been a hot minute since fans have heard new music after Barter’s 2017 debut album, A Suitable Girl and with the release of the new single, fans were holding out for more music disclosure from the established songwriter. Supporting Barter were Melbourne favourites Hannah Kate and Baby Blue, warming up the Friday night crowd for the main act. Overall, the girl power vibes of the night were high.

Barter immediately garnered a warm welcome from a roaring crowd. Straight off the bat, it was clear thought was put into the more delicate details. Barter sported an all-white outfit that contrasted beautifully against the light pink and bubblegum lighting beams across the stage. Paired with her new platinum blonde hair and pristine white bass, one can only imagine the amazing shots taken with that bold colour mix. Barter's sound is reminiscent of a '90s girl grunge band, which was impressively reflected in the simple stage aesthetic.

While teasing some new songs, Barter fans were satisfied with some older ones. As ‘Cigarette’, ‘Please Stay’ and ‘Live With You’ played out, the former of the three was especially memorable, with more emphasis on the electronic guitar - maybe a different guitar pedal to what we’re used to? Don’t come for me guitar experts, all I know is that it was lit. 

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Slowing things down, Barter finally debuted some new songs to the crowd which included ‘January’, a song about making New Year’s resolutions and failing. As she played the next few alone on stage, Barter toned things down for a sentimental moment. Unfortunately, some took that cue to chat loudly to each other and immediately a divide was set between those invested and those there for a simple Friday evening frolic. 

One of Barter’s most endearing qualities is her sweet disposition contrasted with her edgy lyrics. ‘One Foot In’ is a smooth song the audience can get lost in, but just as easily shaken back to consciousness as Barter sings, “I don't believe that I was only your whore” a little louder. Similarly, ‘Ur A Piece Of Shit’ - played towards the end of the night - shook up the perception of Barter, reminding us that you never really know what she’s going to give us. Despite what parents have been teaching their kids for the whole of eternity, Ali Barter swears, and it is cool! Lastly, the crowd favourite, ‘Girlie Bits’, had every crowd-member singing along. Any song that shatters the idea of women having to act like a lady with a catchy chorus is an A++ in my books.

Ali Barter is by far the most badass artist in the Australian music scene at the moment. She sings about darts, swearing, casual sexism in society but still manages to glow within like a literal angel. Catch me at Barter’s next gig in all white with platinum blonde hair calling everyone a piece of shit; which will most likely be soon as Barter's new record slowly awakes.

Highlight: The enthusiasm of the crowd. The Barter fan club made themselves known.

Lowlight: The loud talkers during the solo numbers. The stans in the front are definitely coming for you.

Crowd favourite: ‘Girlie Bits’.