Adalita & Clare Bowditch celebrate Corner Hotel's 21st Birthday


What’s your earliest memory of The Corner? Doing an all ages show, maybe with The Meanies, and I think we were on that little stage to the side. I love that stage to this day. Being from Geelong, we were so excited to be at The Corner. It’s such a famous place. 

What’s your favourite memory of The Corner? We did a great show with Girls Against Boys and Nation Blue in winter 2002. We were on a big national tour playing all manner of venues, from abandoned snowfield bungalows to RSL’s and then finally we got to The Corner and it was like “Ok we’re home, let’s fuck shit up.” We had a pretty wild night, inevitably ending up in that back bit behind the stage where you can smoke outside just cutting loose.

Describe the Melbourne music scene in five words? Black jeans, black t shirt.

What’s your best live performance memory? So many. I’ve done so much headbanging and smashing up guitars on that stage, so many shows. And when the Corner is full to capacity and then some, it's just the best experience. When you do a sold-out show anywhere it’s fucking awesome but there’s something about selling out a show at The Corner that’s really special. It’s kinda like you really know you’ve made it. 

What is the best career advice you’ve been given? I’ve been advised of a few things but I never really listen to or I just plain forget and end up doing whatever I think is right for me. Usually I just follow my gut or learn from my mistakes. 



What’s your earliest memory of The Corner? Walking up to this guy inside the Corner and asking him for a light and, as he reached into his pocket, realising that he was Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. I choked a little. Shouldn't smoke, kids. 

What’s your favourite memory of The Corner? Besides getting a light from Julian Casablancas in the Strokes? Oh. I have heaps. Here are three. 

A. Our first sold-out Red Raku gig there in 2001. That rocked. Dream come true. 

B. The time I saw Art of Fighting playing with Marty Brown on drums and realised I was, like, totally in love with him. 

C. Realising a similar sentiment about Adalita when we sang ‘Purple Rain’ together for the JP Hedigan celebratory benefit concerts in 2015.

Describe the Melbourne music scene in five words? There is room for everyone.

What’s your best live performance memory?It's ahead of me. That memory is ahead of me. I suspect it will, once again, have a lot to do with Marty Brown and Adalita. Watch this space, cowboys. 

What is the best career advice you’ve been given? "Don't give up, short stuff." It was from my Little Athletics coach in 1985, shortly after I finished last in the 100-metre dash. For the record, one year later, I came second. So yeah. Just saying. 

Clare Bowditch and Adalita will help celebrate The Corner Hotel’s 21st birthday on Sunday November 19.