60 Seconds With...Ka-Tya

Hi Katia, can you tell us a little bit about yourself andwhat influences your project, Ka-tya?
My family and I moved to Australia from the former Soviet Union when I was nine. I remember living in a huge grey apartment building like everyone else. I miss it. Since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with Soviet films, musicals and pop music and I think the Soviet drama has seeped into my songs.
You'll be heading off to New York shortly after this show, what are you planning on doing up there?
Anything and everything. I’m taking a few months off to write songs, to see a bunch of gigs and to follow my nose.
What can people expect at your upcoming EP Launch at The Workers Club?The launch will be Kate Bush flavoured. We will be recreating the dark, vivid and lush sounds of the EP. I’ve got an amazing band playing with me. Josh Teicher (guitar/bass guitar), Nic Lam (synths), Nick Martyn (drums), Amy Bandeira and Sam Sequeira (BVs). And I’ve got two wonderful support acts, Las Mar and Eilish Gilligan.

KA-TYA will launch her Sky Above EP at The Workers Club on Saturday July 17. Tickets are available via the venue’s website.