60 seconds with Michael Burrows

How would you describe your sound and how did you come to it? I’ve always been drawn to songs that have a melancholic subject matter but disguised with happy, uplifting melodies and sing-along choruses. When I write, I like to imagine I have Neil Finn on one side, with his ability to observe the every day dressed up in beautiful imagery, and on the other side have Paul Kelly, with his ability to break you with his honesty and brutally simplistic stories.

Tell us about your new single ‘Turn This Love Around’? I got to write this with Frank Myers who won a Grammy Award for the song ‘I Swear’. I had the melody and framework for a while, and we kept coming back to the idea of never going to sleep on an argument and that every relationship worth saving is worth fighting for. It was recorded in Nashville and I’m really proud of the way it has turned out.

Tell us about your other work creating film, music, and radio scores. I’ve written hundreds of music identities, jingles and sonic logos for well-known brands around the world. The 30-second realm is exciting to me because you have to create a catchy hook and sell an emotion in that time. It’s still songwriting, but I find it easier to hide behind a brand than trying to bare my soul with my own music.

What do you love about making music? I love that every song you complete goes on to have a life of its own. It always amazes me where they can travel, and the way people connect them.

‘Turn This Love Around’ is available on all digital platforms on Monday September 10.