60 Seconds With… Khristian Mizzi And The Sirens

Would you rather be able to play any instrument in the world naturally but be unable to write creative lyrics, or write the most beautiful lyrics in the world but be unable to play any instrument?
I play/write songs to express the truth in my heart, as I see it, with as much accuracy as my abilities dictate, so I would have to say that I would trade musical ability for words if it meant I could say what I needed to say, perfectly, beautifully and accurately.
Would you rather have someone write an honest review about your music that was negative, or a positive review that wasn’t truthful?
Although it would probably be uncomfortable, I suppose a painful truth is more conducive to growth than 100 flattering lies. And if a negative review helped us to make positive changes then that's a positive thing!
What is the most embarrassing song or artist I would find on your iPod? And why is it there?
Haha! I have Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt singing I Don't Know Much on there somewhere. Quite honestly, its there because I have a soft spot for sentimental love songs. I enjoy the simplicity and honesty in love songs like these. It’s a guilty pleasure.
When is the gig and what are you spruiking?
We are celebrating the completion of our latest album, Midwinter Spring, with a launch performance at The Retreat Hotel on Thursday August 7.
What's next on the cards for Khristian Mizzi and the Sirens?
An East Coast tour of Australia in September with local artists Beth & The Brave and with a bit of luck, we will have some festivals to be part of for the summer, in the meantime...lots more songwriting.
KHRISTIAN MIZZI AND THE SIRENS launch Midwinter Spring at The Retreat Hotel on Thursday August 7 with guests Tim Woodz and Anna Paddick & the Spekulators.