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60 Seconds With... Emperors

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

Define your genre in five words or less:
Glitch chill power wave core.

Bearing the terrible clichéd nature of this question, what do you reckon people will say you sound like?
A lot of guitar bands from the '90s. Early Weezer, Ash, Smashing Pumpkins etc. A radio DJ recently described us on air as sounding like a Foo Fighters cover band. I’m fine with that, but only if she’s referring to the first two albums.

What do you love about making music?
When people enjoy our songs. Travelling. Free beer. Hotel rooms. The occasional meat and fruit platter. Putting off real life / jobs and mortgaging our futures.

What do you hate about the music industry?
There are way to many people or organisations with an extreme amount of power, and you have no choice but to put up with their bullshit. Also venue bookers who don’t reply to emails.

What can a punter expect from your live show?
Mild tinnitus and one of our songs stuck in their head. If they’re lucky they’ll witness Dane (drums) partying, breaking shit and being a complete liability.

What’ve you got to sell CD-wise?
Our debut album which just came out called Stay Frosty. You can get it from our shows or from emperorsmusic.bandcamp.com, or iTunes.

When’s the gig and with who?
Saturday May 19 at Phoenix Public House with Iowa, The Statics and Them Swoops.

So, someone is walking past as you guys are playing, they then go get a beer and tell their friend about you... what do they say?
“That drummer is a giant of a man. I wonder if he’s from the outback. Anyway, listen pal, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your Elwood shirt. You do know you look ridiculous, right? And if you have to go to the gym and insist on getting huge, try working out some muscles other than just your biceps. It’s making you look weird and disproportionate. And while you’re at it, why not lay off the monster energy drinks and just have a coffee instead. I’m sorry, this is as hard for you to hear as it is for me to say it”.