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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012
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60 Seconds With... Dotcoms

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012

So then, what’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?

Hi. I’m Jason and I play guitar and sing in dotcoms. I also prance around a bit and keep morale high.


What do you reckon people will say you sound like?

It’s garage rock but a bit grime-ier. We’ve been described as The Black Keys meets Pulled Apart By Horses. We want to be Children Collide meets Bodies but end up being white Wu Tang with electric guitars. Our EP is pretty diverse but you’ll understand when you come to a show.


What do you love about making music?

Making something out of nothing and then watching it sneak into other people’s heads. Playing it loudly to a room full of sweaty people and playing it so hard that it hurts a little bit. Like a sexy kind of hurt.


What do you hate about the music industry?

It’s all geared toward self destruction. It’s amazingly fun to play live shows every night but just not a natural process for the human body, and that’s without the partying. People want to see you bleed on stage and you want to do it to please them. We don’t play sport so this is about as macho as we get. We really, really enjoy it a lot but will probably not live very long.


If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why?

Probably G.U.R.U. He wouldn’t be that interested in our rock and roll but it would be a good opportunity for me to slap him around a bit and tell him to rap about something different other than player haters for god’s sake. anyway have a listen to our CD we hope you like it.


If you could assassinate one person or band from popular music, who would it and why?

Probably Kaiser Chiefs. I’m sorry. They’re a great band and great musicians and all have great hair but there’s just something about their smarmy vibe that gets my knickers in a knot. They make me want to vomit in my shoe and then hump it and just keep screaming the whole time.


What can a punter expect from your live show?

It’s a mixture of hipster band guys/girls and suburban metal-heads. There will be horns, a smoke machine and enough sweat that we’ve actually started bringing our own band towel to shows. Leigh from Damn Terran suggested we drink Gatorade, it’s ridiculous.


What’ve you got to sell CD-wise?

We’re just about to launch our debut self-titled EP which you can buy at shows, Thornbury Records and also from our Bandcamp page. Visit wearethedotcoms.com


When’s the gig and with who?

Saturday June 9 at The Old Bar with The Once Overs, Clavians and BJ Morriszonkle.


Anything else to add?

You should buy a dotcoms tee shirt. We ask people to send in photos of themselves wearing them for our website and now babes keep sending shots in and it’s the best.