60 Seconds With... Dirty Wolves

If you’re into the sound of TOOL, Dream The­atre, Per­fect Cir­cle or Mas­to­don you are going to dig the sounds com­ing from explo­sive Aus­tralian two-piece Dirty Wolves. A pro­gres­sive metal duo, Dirty Wolves have just launched their new sin­gle 'Apache' from their début album Cre­ation & Chaos. Recorded with three time Grammy Nom­i­nee and Gold Pro­ducer Rick Will (Nine Inch Nails, Incubus, Ben Harper, Grin­spoon), Cre­ation & Chaos will see the Dirty Wolves hit­ting the stage with an all state tour early 2015 before head­ing to Japan.

Give us a brief rundown of Dirty Wolves. How long you have been playing music together?

We have been playing together on and off for about 15 years. The idea of developing a two-piece heavy rock/metal band came about in 2007. Our previous band was a three piece. We had a show booked and then lost our bass player on short notice. So, just the two of us got up on stage and played. It was a great performance. It was also our last show for some time before hooking up again. The concept of Dirty Wolves kicked off around early 2012. We started the first track of the project and spent almost a year working on it, pulling it apart, rearranging and experimenting in an effort to define our sound and a method of writing. The goal was to develop our own unique sound, the ingredients of our coming album Creation & Chaos.


What do you love most about being in a two-piece and making music under Dirty Wolves?

For us it’s all about the challenge of creating something unique, our playing style has changed dramatically in order to forge our new sound, so we have to keep an open mind. Experimenting with different instruments and gear has also played a part. Our amp heads have undergone some huge enhancements in order to develop dual tones simultaneously. However the main thing we love doing is having the creative freedom to write music with no boundaries. We just keep and open mind and let the song dictate to us, where it wants to go.


Do you play in the wolf suits live?

Yes, however it’s not without difficulties. They are currently being redesigned for stage by a special effects company, so we may end up trialling different designs and types for the stage as the suits need to keep cool with 100% vision and hearing.


What inspires or has influenced your music the most?

Music for Dirty Wolves is all about creativity, it’s about moving forward into the unknown by exploring ideas, timings or rhythms we have not tried before. It’s about new musical paths & evolving sounds. There are bands out there that lead the way by forging ahead on their own sonic path. I find that inspirational because I can appreciate what is involved and there is no better feeling than creating a unique experience for the listener.


Which bands would you most like to play with and why?

I think playing with TOOL would be the ultimate experience. TOOL are so progressive and they have been one of our biggest inspirations. I am in total awe of TOOL. Other bands we would love to play with would be Karnivool, Mastodon, Pink Floyd, GWAR (R.I.P Brockie) just to name a few. Some of my favourite Aussie bands would be Domino and Dogline. We look forward to playing with them at some stage too.


Do you have any record releases to date? What are they? Where can I get them?

We have a single and film clip out at the moment called 'Apache'. You can watch the clip here:



We have also completed Part 1 of the Trilogy soundtrack to the movie Dirty Wolves - Pirates of Parliament.


What does summer hold for Dirty Wolves with upcoming shows and releases?

Summer will be quite busy for us, with the new album out early February 2015 followed by an Australian tour. We will be releasing our confirmed tour dates as soon as possible. 


Website: dirtywolves.com 

Facebook: facebook.com/dirtywolvesmusic