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60 Seconds With... Big Words

So then, what’s the band name and what do you ‘do’ in the band?


K-Lee – MC/guitar, Will – MC, Cam – bass, Lawrence – drums.


What do you think people will say you sound like? 

We don't really care what people say our music sounds like, we just do what we do.


What do you love about making music? 

That music is a universal language that brings everyone together.


What do you hate about the music industry?

The lack of soul and passion that isn't put into a lot of music these days, people in the game for the wrong reasons.


If you could travel back in time and show one of your musical heroes your stuff, who would it be and why?

Would have to be A Tribe Called Quest because they are the illest cats to walk the planet, they keep it real.


What can a punter expect from your live show?

A bangin’ live sound, packed with freestyles, funky jams and dope night out!


What’ve you got to sell CD-wise? 

We've just finished an EP which you can purchase to bump in Mum's car at bigwordsmusic.com 


When’s the gig and with who?

Friday April 27 at Noise Bar with the notorious RY and All Day, shit's going to get crazy!


Anything else to add?

Like us on Facebook, check out the website and SEE YOU AT THE SHOW. PEACE!