60 Second With... Riff Raiders

What are five riffs we need to hear and why?
The Rover (Led Zeppelin)
The Rover is a strong, constant blues (but not blues) riff with a progressive, phaser soaked chorus, anchored by a groove only Zeppelin could achieve – tight but loose. A particular favourite in our set and a song from their Physical Graffiti double LP, never performed live by Zeppelin in its entirety.
New Born (Muse)
Great riff-based songs sit well together in our set, selected from different eras. I think the opening track on the 2001 Muse album Origin of Symmetry defines this band and the potential they went on to achieve. I keep hearing, “I hate Muse but man I love that song.” Tall poppy anyone?
Emerald (Thin Lizzy)
Emerald is the final track of the breakthrough Thin Lizzy LP Jailbreak from 1976. Hard rock riffing with a Celtic rhythmic flavour – it doesn’t get much better for a band when you get to play songs like this one.
Hocus Pocus (Focus)
Impeccably played and recorded song from this Dutch band released in 1971. An amazing riff and soloing buried in one of the strangest non-vocal vocal lines ever recorded. This thing was a top 20 hit in its day. Ridiculous yet brilliant at the same time.
South Side of the Sky (Yes)
From their 1971 album Fragile, with their ultimate lineup crashing through with an enormous bass, guitar and organ riff after an intro consisting of howling wind and footsteps. Groovy man.
The RIFF RAIDERS are playing at The Reverence Hotel, Footscray on Saturday August 8 with The Bits & The Decoys.