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60 Second With... Moons Poet

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012


Define your genre in five words or less: Blues, Rock, Folk.


What do you love about making music?

Everything, but generally the awesome people you meet that make it worthwhile. As there is no money to be made, just cool people to meet. It’s really amazing when you meet people, and watch people that need to create music.  Most of them are untrained and are naturally brilliant. I love being around these people, and love watching them do their thing. I also love singing, so I can let out all my silent screams and inner thoughts!


What do you hate about the music industry? 

Unfortunately, because it’s a marketing contest and a game, it has lost its value in appreciating people for who they really are, and what they can do. Far too many musicians get lost, because if you don’t make the type of music that sells you are doomed. Most people have to busk on the street to make ends meet, and if you don’t have 300+ Facebook Likes, no one looks at you twice.


If you could assassinate one person or band from popular music, who would it and why? 

Nobody. Just let them do their thing if it makes them happy.


What can a punter expect from your live show? 

Come along and find out.


What’ve you got to sell CD-wise? 

My latest EP Dreams, Rivers, Truth, Ashes – let’s hope it gets somewhere.


When’s the gig and with who? 

8:00pm at The Empress, on Wednesday April 11, with Gary Soloman, and Merlin Bo Macdonald. $10 on the door.