60 Second With... House of LaDosha

Hello! Who are we speaking with and what do you 'do' in House of LaDosha?
Hello, this is Cunty Crawford and La' Fem LaDosha.  We are both founding members of the House Of LaDosha.  We perform, DJ, make clothes, do hair, etc.
For those playing at home, give us a brief history lesson in House of LaDosha.
We moved to New York City when we were 18 to attend University. We bonded over music, movies and clothes, and we started making music in summer 2007 because we were bored.  We started getting attention online and doing shows.  We also met our other best friends along the way and formed our house as a safe and creative place for all of us to express ourselves and feel loved.
How does the union of art and fashion manifest itself in a live setting?
We are both heavily concerned with fashion and art and think it's important to fuse the two in a performance.  We have different styles, but they always seem to mesh.  We like to feel sexy and confident in our looks, and that somehow translates in a live setting.
You're hitting up the John Curtin for your Vivid sideshow this week. Give us five reasons why we should be there.
1. It's going to be over the top and fun as hell.
2. It's a beautiful mix of dance and music that's not to be missed.
3. We haven't performed in Australia in two years, so please welcome us back in person.
4.  The looks!
5.  We have some new material we are excited to release.
You can catch HOUSE OF LADOSHA with special guest Chela in an exclusive Vivid sideshow on Saturday May 30 at the John Curtin Hotel. Tickets are moving fast, so get moving. Visit johncurtinhotel.wazala.com for more info.