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Architecture In Helskini Are Go

It's been three years since we saw an album from these Australian pop-meisters, but at long last our patience has been rewarded. The new album, Moment Bends, has been put up for full streaming from today on the Triple J website. And it's going to stay there until the album is released, this Friday, April 8.

Oh ye faithful, your long suffering patience has been acknowledged and paid off. Not only are you receiving a new album after three years of silence, but an Australian headlining tour as well. Boy you guys are lucky.
If you can tear yourself away from the Triple J stream for long enough to wander over to the bands iTunes page you'll notice that they're putting up videos every day until the album release, detailing the inner workings of Moment Bends.
As for the tour, well you'll have a chance to listen to Moment Bends enough times to get all of the lyrics down before you see the band. The tour starts in Perth on May 15 and hits the Hi-Fi in Melbourne on May 26 as well as the Groovin In The Moo festival on April 30.
Tickets for all shows are on sale now and you can get yours from the Hi-Fi website.