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Guineafowl Vs Ball Park Music

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Guineafowl to Ball Park Music :

Pretty standard question, but tell me how you came to the name 'Ball Park Music?

"When I was younger I was, for no real reason, interested in the phrase 'ball park figure'. And, to tell the truth, this was what I wanted to call my band. Alas, I made the crossover to the name 'Ball Park Music'."


Live questions: where is the most ridiculo us place the band has played live?

"In our early days we were asked to play at someone's party. We didn't know the person, and I can't even recall how it came about. They were offering $400 and this got us pretty excited. It was on the Gold Coast on someone's patio. Lots of flat-caps, tattoos and visits from the police."


What is the most absurd thing an audience member has done during a BPM show?

"We auctioned off a bloodied and broken fingernail of Jens. Some fantastic person bought it at the winning price of five dollars."


If music wasn' t your passion, what would you want to do/be good at instead?

"It's hard to say. I love reading about science, and I'd love to pursue a job in that field. I'd also like to do some aid work."


If you could collaborate with someone, who WASN'T another musician but some other form of artist, who would it be?

"I would have liked to have met Max Ernst. I had to study him for something when I was at uni and he was a really interesting person. I'm not sure what we could have made together, maybe I could just let him tell me what to do."


If you could describe your overall sound using three words, what would they be and why?

"Dorky. Descriptive. Energetic."


Will you be previewing any new songs on this tour? If so what are they called?

"We have a few new songs, and some cover ideas that we're working on at the moment. A cover will definitely make it to the tour, but I'll leave what we're playing as a surprise."


Ball Park Music to Guineafowl

You did it to me, so I'll do it you: from where did the name 'Guineafowl' come?

"The name Guineafowl was a childhood nickname I was given by a teacher at school. He thought my long, '60s-inspired fringe made me look like a guineapig, and so started calling me that, than for no reason at all evolved it to Guineafowl and it just stuck."


What possessed you to have a six-piece band? I'm in the same boat. I love them all dearly, but it's definitely not the easiest thing in the world. Please explain.

"Aside from the fact that I enjoy logistical nightmares, I guess I just felt I needed six musicians to play the parts that I'd written."


Do you see yourself playing music in ten years time? or do you secretly possess other plans?

"I'm working on my panting skills as we speak. I do see myself playing music in ten years time; I also see myself with a rocket ship… I wonder which one will come true."


How do you find the transition from working by yourself to working with a band?

"We have an established and functioning dynamic. I come to the band, usually with a near-finished song, and they translate the parts to their various instruments, add their own particular personality and flair to the part, thus the song is born."


How diverse are the dietary requirements of your band? We have junk-food fans, vegetarians, coeliacs and allergies to seafood.

"Again, we share a common thread. The only arguments we have ever had as a band have been about food. Most of us are relatively simple in our diets, but two of the band will only eat the finest foods available. Good luck in the middle of the country where Hungry Jacks doubles as a church, I say."


If you had to fire your own band and recruit a super-band, who would be getting a phone call?

"You: I think we are going to get on very well. If I could not get you, then I would call the E-Street Band."

GUINEAFOWL and BALL PARK MUSIC's co-headline tour rolls into Melbourne at The Toff In Town on Thursday May 5, and into Ballarat at Karova Lounge on Friday May 6. GUINEAFOWL's Hello Anxiety EP is out now through Dew Process, BALL PARK MUSIC's new single Rich People Are Stupid is out now.