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New EP From Mount Kimbie

Minimal glitchy post-dubstep dreamweavers Mount Kimbie follow up their first album with a new EP.

Following from their first album Crooks And Lovers, Londoners Mount Kimbie (recently here for Golden Plains) will follow it up with their next EP Carbonated


Dominic Maker and Kai Campos defy categorisation with their delicate and beautiful music wandering through dubstep, jazz, shoegaze, indie, electronic and live sounds to create a mesmerising sound that has come to define them.


The Carbonated EP features two previously unreleased tracks (Flux and Bave's Chords) as well as a remix of the title track by Airhead (part of James Blake's band). 


Their show at Revolt Melbourne drew hundreds of people out to a warehouse in Kensington for a surreal, beautiful musical experience where their unique musical wanderings filled up the huge industrial setting with ease. 

Wouldn't expect them to return to our fine shores too soon but definitely grab this EP when it comes out on June 27.