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Cavalera Conspiracy : Blunt Force Trauma

The intention when the Cavalera brothers got back together – after more than a decade of estrangement – was for Max and Igor to return to their Sepultura roots and crank out high speed, but also groove-laden, thrash metal. The debut Cavalera Conspiracy album of 2008, Inflikted, signaled their intentions with unbridled intent. Now they follow it up with an even more uncompromising attitude on Blunt Force Trauma. Like Devildriver’s recent album Beast, this is a very aptly titled album.

Blunt Force Trauma is indeed a vicious musical fist to the face; a heavy blunt object, wielded with traumatic force to the back of the scone. There’s little subtlety and little experimentation: just balls-out thrash metal, hardcore and neck-snapping breakdown grooves, as embodied in Thrasher, alternatively the most flat out track on the record, but also possessing the fattest groove. This is music to prehistorically crush skulls to. It’s music to scare the shit out of your neighbours and your mother.


The songs? Well, they’re typical Cavalera fare: primitive, straight ahead, no bullshit. Lyrics that spit hate and fury and reflect the more violent side of this world we live in (check out the title track: “Blunt force trauma / Violence disorder / Suicide bomber / Now you in a coma…” it isn’t Shakespeare, but then, it’s not meant to be). Only very occasional hints of melody and dynamics (check the outro of Target).


The only variation across the record lies in the juxtaposition of hyper-kinetic speed and massive, fat grooves. Consequently, Blunt Force Trauma approaches some of repetitive monotony in the latter quarter of its length, but this is music for the moshpit, not to wine, dine and woo a prospective partner to on a romantic first date.


It appears that Max does indeed get more psychotic the older he gets, and with his brother back on board, laying down the grooves with pure brute strength, Cavalera Conspiracy are a thrashing force to be reckoned with.




Best track: Thrasher If you dig these, you’ll dig this: Arise SEPULTURA, Chaos AD SEPULTURA; Omen SOULFLY In a word: Mayhem