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Simone's Single Of The Week

Tyler, The Creator is due the release his sophomore album in the coming weeks. Goblin is the follow up to his critically-acclaimed 2009 record Bastard, and Yonkers is the lead single.This is the first I've heard of Tyler and his awkwardly named OFWGKTA crew (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) but he certainly makes an impression. This post-apocalyptic track is reminiscent of Wu-Tang and RZA's later solo expeditions, but bleaker and nastier. The usual self-aggrandising lyricism of rap takes on shades of monster horror, as Tyler transforms to his dark wolf self and talks about beating Bruno Mars to death, stabbing hipsters with a pitchfork and sticking his cock in your woman. On paper, it doesn't sound like much, but the stealthy beat and growling flow are super fucking creepy.


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