Aural Window,Black And White, The Eternal & Jericco at The Evelyn

The evening was very capably opened by Melbourne female fronted alternative rock act Aural Window, playing their first show back in Melbourne since wowing audiences ‘States-side recently. And it was clear why the Americans were so impressed: the energy flowing off the stage as this five piece slammed out their set was palpable and infectious; their music left the crowd breathless and literally howling for more. In vocalist Sheena Young they have a pocket-sized firebrand up front inciting the crowd and eliciting a great response. A very satisfying set.

Black And White are an emerging phenomenon. Quite indefinable, their sound has somewhat of a danceable, electronic edge, but comes across in a live setting as far more powerhouse, if highly-accessible, alt-rock. This band have it all before them; their recorded work could easily garner commercial radio play, while their live show has the potential to blow people’s minds. It’s an absolutely massive sound, punctuated by deep, heavy grooves, precise and powerful drumming, wall-of-sound guitars and ultra-catchy vocals soaring over the top. It’s a heady mix, and if there’s any justice in the music business, these guys will be the ‘next big thing’.


The Eternal are quite simply all class. Influenced in equal measures by Led Zep and The Tea Party, they create a heavy rock sound that’s uniquely their own. With a mighty sound for a three piece, their music is classic and modern all at once, appealing to fans of both metal and dark alternative rock. Their live show ebbs and flows with real skill, as opposed to being relentlessly in-your-face as is the case with many heavy bands, and features musicianship of an illustrious level. It’s no wonder they’re internationally renowned, have supported Opeth (among other luminaries), and legendary former Tea Party main man Jeff Martin produced their latest album.


After the exceptionally tasty entrees, it was time for the main course, and the mighty Jericco delivered the goods. The band have it all: a monstrous live sound, musicianship to die for, a subtle but distinct Middle Eastern flavor, a larger-than-life stage presence and a bunch of iconic alternative rock songs. There’s also the ever crucial personality that endears them so much to their audience. This evening they put on a masterclass of the art of live rock, as they do each time they take the stage: tonight was an exquisite display.


This night defined all that is good and exciting about live rock music, and the massive crowd went home more happier than a slapper bagging an AFL footballer.