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The Grace Darling Hosts The Emperors

Emperors won Triple J Unearthed and played Perth Big Day Out on only their tenth gig. That’s rad. That’s because they are quite good. Rolling Stone told us to watch them last year, and we did, and now they’re playing, so we’re going to watch them in real life.
This group of Western Australian youngsters are doing pretty well for themselves. Securing a Big Day Out spot without even having an EP is just an example of the talent behind this band. Singles Favourite Colours and Andrew show the kind of powerful, aggressive but damned catchy writing that will get you places.
And that place is The Grace Darling, that fine establishment, this Friday April 15. Emperors are using this chance to show off their debut EP Sam along with friends Loon Lake and Young Maverick. Tickets for the Grace Darling hotel show are $10 at the door. Don't miss out.